Remote QA Reviewer - Portuguese from Brazil

Job description

Work Location: Remote

Work Schedule: Flexible

Engagement Model: Independent Contractor

Languages Needed: Portuguese from Brazil 

Project Duration: 4 weeks (might be extended)

Start Date: September 12th 

QAers are ultimately responsible for the quality of work related to a large group of Captioners and Annotators, with the guidance of their direct supervisor.
• Capable of completing annotation and grading tasks
• Ensure security and confidentiality requirements are adhered to
• Track KPIs
• Train, monitor, and provide feedback to a group of 50 - 100 Annotators
• Communicate progress and output to the client
• Update existing procedures
• Identify new ways to efficiently train new and retain existing Annotators
• Ensure client’s requirements regarding attrition, absenteeism, productivity, and accuracy, are upheld and exceeded at all times
• Ensure that all personnel reporting to them are trained in and perform all of their required duties
• Update FAQs
• Reply to questions from Annotators via email
• Record training sessions
• Stay up to date with different guideline versions
• Hold live training sessions for Annotators
• Troubleshoot issues that arise
• Work with the manager to help generate ideas for improvement on a team level
• Keep project-related trackers up-to-date
• Documentation Creation for Training and Feedback purposes

Job requirements

• Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) in English and Spanish.
• Exceptional problem-solving/critical thinking skills
• Ability to understand and apply complex guidelines
• Attention to detail
• Ability to oversee the quality of 50-100 Annotators
• Ability to maintain professionalism in all situations, especially under tight deadlines
• Ability to create professional documentation
• Minimum Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent
• Prior annotation experience